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This morning Jane said that having a dog is a dream come true.
“Does that make me a dream dog,” I asked?
“Yes,” she said, “I think it does.”
“But we are awake,” I said.

She took a sip of her coffee and said, “Hmmm. You’re right Cody. We are awake. So, maybe less like a dream, and more like waking up to possibilities I never even imagined.”

I wagged my tail and sat next to her. And then she told me that I’m the first dog she’s ever had who was all her very own. She was petting me the whole time and so I turned over so she could rub my belly.

She said she’s painted hundreds of dogs, which, she says, it kind of like falling in love every single time because she adores the animals she paints. Because of that, she thought she knew what it was like to love a pup. But really she had no idea at all.

And you know what? Jane’s my first real person who is all my own, too. So I know just  what she means.

Then she said, “Let’s go get some breakfast,” which was music to my ears. And then we both went outside to get my dog bowl and to look at the sunrise.

sunrise march 11 16
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Cody and Jane

Author Cody and Jane

ABOUT CODY & JANE Jane Roberts and her beloved dog, Cody the Wonderful Dog, decided to team up together to show off his writing skills and her art. She says she wanted the world to hear his thoughts. And he says he wants the world to see her art. Of course, most of the art here is of him, she says, but he says that’s not the point. Either way, they think they are a great combination. Cody says, “You can see more of Jane’s art on her website at” Jane says, “Thanks, Cody. And we hope you enjoy our blog.”

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