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Tales from the Pack

Recording the extraordinary tales of everyday dogs and their humans

Inspired by NPR’s StoryCorps, we are recording the extraordinary tales of everyday dogs and their humans — celebrating all that dogs add to our lives, building community and connections between people, and reminding ourselves of the things dogs teach us that matter most! Run free. Play hard.

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Dog Tale

Is your dog the love of your life?
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She's a lil bundle of joy


She seems to know when you are having a bad day


Treats. The more, the better.


Embrace life with boundless joy and energy!


The perfect role model for this thing called life


Harley brings joy to everyone everywhere he goes


I really miss her when she isn't around...


Eloise is my cat! She makes me laugh all the time...


He's like sunshine on a cloudy day

Rooso & Boomer

The most grateful, loyal family members you could ask for


Everything I do with him is the best thing


Mama is a perfect co-pilot

Lottie & Riley

My dogs have made me happier, healthier and more aware of “being in the now”

Luke Skywalker & Laya

I can't imagine our lives without them...


She has been my constant companion...

Schultz Quote

Happiness is a warm puppy

Charles Schultz


Having a dog is like having your heart walking around on outside of your body...

Heidi, Olive, Jet & Harper Lee

I mostly enjoy their constant company...

CoCo - Christina Paluszek


We laugh so much more now...

Moses - Kat Weiss


Moses makes life better in about a million ways...

Bandit - Randi Brown


Bandit is my daughter's best friend...

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Share your

Dog Tale

Is your dog the love of your life?
tell your tale
Made me smile Quote

If I had a dollar for every time my dog made me smile, I'd be a millionaire

play with your dog Quote

Life is short, play with your dog

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