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We. Love. Dogs.

We believe life is pretty great, and even greater shared with a dog. We share our hearts, our food, our beds, our time, our homes…They share unconditional love, loyalty, sloppy wet kisses and unbridled joy every time they see us, even if we only went to the mailbox. We feed them, bathe and brush them, walk them, rub their bellies, scratch their ears…some of us even cook for them. In our homes, dog hair is not only an accessory, but often a condiment. We love dogs. Dogs eat our socks, steal our underwear, chew the furniture and decorate the house with fluffy stuffing. They share never ending shedding, love slobbers and an inexplicable ability to brighten each and every day. Dogs remind us to take a break, go for a walk, smell the roses, jump for joy, learn new tricks, share our toys, and sit quietly and listen… We love dogs. They teach us to love life, be in the moment, play more, be yourself, enjoy the ride, feel the wind in your face, be nice and greet others with a smile. So take a page from your pooch and be yourself, sit in the sun, take a nap, go for a walk, a hike a swim, love the ones you’re with, drink lots of water and enjoy this one crazy ride called life… and by all means, do it with your best furry friend by your side. Because EVERYTHING is better with a dog.

Run Free. Play Hard.

Pawsitive Purpose

We donate a portion of every sale to support canine rescue.

Printed in America

Lovingly designed in Decatur, GA and printed-to-order with care in California by our dedicated fulfillment team.

Ethical Supply Chain

Many of our products are made in the USA. Our international suppliers implement corporate social responsibility standards — fair wages and comfortable working conditions. Many are also environmentally conscious, using recycled materials and limiting energy waste.

A Pet Project…

Live Love Dogs is a pet project of Jodi Hersh (that’s me) and Orange Star Design — a merger of two passions: my love of dogs and design. I often say inspiration can be found all around us… and, well, I am surrounded by dogs and design!

2013 marked some big milestones for me: the 20th anniversary of my design studio and the passing of my 14-year old furry companion Walter. Both of which reminded me that life is short, do it now! So I did.

Jodi Hersh

Top Dog

I like to make things and I love dogs. Some of my favorite things are the sounds of paw nails clicking on the hardwoods, the slurp-slurp-slurping from the water bowl and Jasper chomping on anything crunchy. I have learned very much from my dogs but most importantly to live in the moment, enjoy life and that dog hair is not only an accessory, but also a condiment (that goes with everything).


Chief Happiness Officer

Nicknames: Jasperonomous, Jasperilla, Jasper the Ginormosaurus, Big Stuff, Stinkles

I am a tiny fragile flower (on the inside). I’m a big girl but I can make myself small. I like riding in the car, long walks, visiting my grandparents, sniffing ears, playing guitar with my tail, and sunbathing on the deck. My tail is a registered weapon but I come in peace. I am famous for my nightly turn down service.


Puppy Relations

Nicknames: Sammy, Samarama, The Samburglar, Fluffernutter

I am velcro... I stick to everything. I like to steal things and I love (eating) books. I often sit on the back of the sofa like an 80 lb cat. What, doesn't everyone do that? I love everyone I meet and my size is irrelevant, I am a lap dog. I lay on and sit on my big sister Jasper. Humans are fair game, too. I'm kinda new here and I'm so happy to have found my furever home - this place is awesome!

Jane Roberts

Pup Artist

I like to paint dogs. I love connecting with the energy of animals--their love, their playfulness, and their ability to be present. I try to capture their essence with color and movement. It's especially meaningful to me when someone has lost their pet and I'm able, in some small way, to bring them back --at least in the form of a painting. Cody likes to help.


Chief Play Officer (and the boss of Jane)

Nicknames: The Ruminator, Roomey Tunes, Rumitoid, The Toid, Rocket Dog, Lucky Dog, Roomster, Rumi-licious, Stinker Tot

I epitomize the Live Love Dogs tagline, “Run Free, Play Hard.” I love to run, run, run, run, run. And take three walks-a-day, minimum. And play, play, play all day. And chase anything that moves. And eat treats. And take long car rides. No matter where Jane is going, I’m there. In her lap and by her side. Jane saw one photo of me online at a pet rescue shelter and that was it. Love at first sight. She jumped in the car and zoomed off to meet me, and I hopped in her lap at hello and that was that. I’ve been her valentine ever since.



People Whisperer

Nicknames: Codus, Coco, Kookaburra, Cody The Wonderful Dog.

I tell Jane stuff. And I try to get her to write it down. Important stuff. And I help out with a lot of things she doesn't even know about. But I can't tell you here because then she would know.

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