We laugh so much more now because she definitely has a wacky personality and she is always entertaining. She has this happy dance she does where she jumps around like a rabbit and spins in circles (we thought it was just a cute puppy thing – obviously not!) whenever she gets her rawhide or a big Milkbone.

We’ve met so many more people because CoCo always looks like she has a smile on her face when we take her out anywhere and people want to meet her.  She loves meeting people and is always handing out kisses.  And she always wants to make friends with other cats and dogs.  For some reason, she has a fondness for little dogs.  They are scared of her at first because she is pretty tall, but then they realize that even though she is so much bigger than them, she doesn’t want to eat them, but just be friends with them.  

We get a lot more exercise because we are always try to take her wherever we go and walks are a mandatory part of any excursion.

And she has changed my parents’ lives as well.  Dad has the beginnings of Alzheimer’s and he is also hard of hearing.   When he sees CoCo, a big smile covers his face and he can’t wait to pet her and watch her do her silly dog things.  And my Mom just adores her as well.  She buys CoCo special cheese (Munster is the preferred variety) and the big box store’s giant boxes of Milkbones because she is her “grand puppy” and deserves to be spoiled.  And ever since CoCo joined the family, Mom will only go out to eat with myself, my husband, Chuck, and my Dad only if CoCo can come.  She would never eat outside before, always claiming she hated the heat, the bugs, sitting on the street, etc.  Now, she will only go to places where we can all eat outside because CoCo is part of the family and should not be left at home.

That dog has done wonders!  I often say she is the best investment we ever made.

~ Christina

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