Mama is a perfect co-pilot


She’s just Mama!

She came with that name. She was a street dog, the woman feeding her and her family of 4 pups named her Mama.

We’ve been together 4 glorious years. I was at the local shelter when Mama’s daughter was being turned in. A woman was feeding a pack of strays, and she wanted Missy (now Maggie Mae) to have a better life, so she brought her to the county shelter. Missy was in a ball, on the floor, peeing herself she was so scared. I was at the shelter looking for a lost foster dog, and made the split second decision to take Missy (Maggie). Then, the woman told me she had 3 more strays at her house she was feeding for a year and needed help placing. It took me 3 months to get my rescue to take the other 3 — one was Mama. She was so scared and fearful, I thought she would never be adopted. So, I decided to keep Mother and Daughter together.

Favorite thing(s) to do with your dog:

Mama is a perfect co-pilot, so, she gets to go along petsitting jobs or errand running.

Dog’s favorite things to do:

Run figure 8’s in the field.

Favorite memory of your dog:

Getting the test results that she kicked Heartworm disease.

Funniest thing dog has ever done (or still does)?

She gets excited and tries to charge and bark with the big dogs, and then after she gets them worked up, she lays down!


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How does your dog make your life better?

They teach me patience and undying devotion.

~ Shelly

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Do you sleep with your dog?


Your favorite dog products:

Nature’s Domain Salmon and Sweet Potato dog food.

Dog’s favorite product/thing:


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