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Here I am in a big dog bed.

Big Dog Bed
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See? I AM a big dog. Isn’t it the perfect size for me?

This is Jolly Shaw’s big dog bed. I’m visiting him because his Mom is in Florida so Jane I needed to keep him company.

Note to Jane: I think I need one of these beds at my house.



Cody and Jane

Author Cody and Jane

ABOUT CODY & JANE Jane Roberts and her beloved dog, Cody the Wonderful Dog, decided to team up together to show off his writing skills and her art. She says she wanted the world to hear his thoughts. And he says he wants the world to see her art. Of course, most of the art here is of him, she says, but he says that’s not the point. Either way, they think they are a great combination. Cody says, “You can see more of Jane’s art on her website at” Jane says, “Thanks, Cody. And we hope you enjoy our blog.”

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