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Jane said she it was a Bad Art Day today.

“What’s that?” I asked.

She said it’s when paintings don’t go the way she planned.
Or inspirations start to look like mud.
Or when she really doesn’t know what she’s painting and apparently neither does her muse. Or it starts to rain too soon after she’s gotten everything set up outside, and besides that it’s just too cold anyway.

“Wow,” I said, “that’s a really long answer. Which one of those was it today? ”

“All of them,” she said.

“But I thought all days  with ART in them were good days,” I said.

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She paused for a second and looked at me kind of the way I look at her sometimes.
“Hmmmm,” she said, gathering up her paint brushes and tossing them into a bucket.

“Yeah, she said, “I guess that’s true…… But what are we going to do with this 48 x 24 inch mess?

I said it looks like a large  pizza that got rained on and we both laughed.

Then I suggested that maybe, speaking of pizza, it was time for a snack–maybe something with cheese on it? She said How about a hot bath and a nap? I said I’d skip the bath part but I’m all about the nap! And then the day wasn’t so bad after all.



Cody and Jane

Author Cody and Jane

ABOUT CODY & JANE Jane Roberts and her beloved dog, Cody the Wonderful Dog, decided to team up together to show off his writing skills and her art. She says she wanted the world to hear his thoughts. And he says he wants the world to see her art. Of course, most of the art here is of him, she says, but he says that’s not the point. Either way, they think they are a great combination. Cody says, “You can see more of Jane’s art on her website at” Jane says, “Thanks, Cody. And we hope you enjoy our blog.”

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