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Jane went to another one of her thinking things yesterday. She says it’s not so much a thinking thing as a being present and meditating thing.
“Kind of like a staying in bed in the morning drinking coffee thing?” I asked.
“I wish,” she said, pulling the blanket I was on up closer to her and taking another sip of her coffee.
“So, what were they talking about at your  being present thing? “
“The topic this weekend is quintessence,” she said.
“Is that like when a dog has 5 puppies?” I asked, wagging my tail and anticipating hearing about baby dogs.
“Not exactly.” she said. It’s When Nonbeing Cannot be Differentiated from Being
“Oh,” I said. “Well what’s the big deal about that? That’s just the way things always are, right? “
“True.” she said. “But people have a harder time perceiving that, Cody. You can probably see and perceive things we can’t. Like you hear things we can’t. We have to learn that there are things we can’t see. And that’s hard for us because we are so literal mostly.”
“So how do you do it –see stuff that you can’t see?” I asked.
“Well, one way is that we close our eyes and sense stuff. And it’s cool because our awareness can expand when we aren’t so distracted by everything we look at.”
I started laughing. “What’s so funny, Cody?” she said.
I said, “You’re saying you see the light when you close your eyes”‘
“Yeah,” she said, giggling. “I guess that is funny.”
“Why can’t you just do that here, then?” I said, closing my eyes and pretending to stare at her.”
“We need the teachers to guide us, kind of like when we go for a walk and you show me where the good scents are.”
“Hmmmmm.” I said. “Well. if it’s like going for a walk, I get it. But come home soon so we can go for a real walk!”
“Okay,” she said. And then we had to get up…
Cody and Jane

Author Cody and Jane

ABOUT CODY & JANE Jane Roberts and her beloved dog, Cody the Wonderful Dog, decided to team up together to show off his writing skills and her art. She says she wanted the world to hear his thoughts. And he says he wants the world to see her art. Of course, most of the art here is of him, she says, but he says that’s not the point. Either way, they think they are a great combination. Cody says, “You can see more of Jane’s art on her website at” Jane says, “Thanks, Cody. And we hope you enjoy our blog.”

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