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“In life, It’s not where you go — it’s who you travel with.”
~ Charles Schultz

Just like your dog, hiking can help you lead a happier, healthier life. And time spent bonding with your pup is precious. One of the greatest pleasures you can share with your dog is a hiking adventure. You and your dog likely spend a lot of time during the week cooped up in the office, the car, your home. etc. — leaving you both craving the freedom and fresh air found only in nature.

hike with dog
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Six feet are better than two

Taking your furry best friend on a hike with you is twice as much fun as going alone, and your dog will be thrilled too.

Hiking is a great way to release energy and fuel your dog’s brain (and yours too). Even the laziest canine couch potato loves to get outside for some exercise.Hiking with your dog gives him a mini vacation from his daily routine. Sniffing new things is stimulating to dogs, so a hike though uncharted territory and new smells is sure to get him excited.


Adventure at Winter River Trail, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Hiking Kauai’s Hihimanu Trail

Desh the dog at Mt. Battie and the Ducktrap River.

The benefits of hiking for us humans include things like increased heart health, weight control, a better mental outlook, better mental function, and socializing with others. Read more about the benefits at

Plan a hiking adventure with your dog

Dogs make the best hiking companions, if you take a little care with them. Check out the resources below to prepare yourself and your dog for a hike. And don’t forget your camera to capture those precious moments!

Go plan an adventure with your pup and you’ll surely make some memories to last a lifetime.

That’s all for now…. Go play with your dog!


Resources for Hiking with your Dog

The Beginner’s Guide to Taking Your Dog Hiking (
tips on finding pooch-friendly trails, loading a dog pack, and treating injuries

Dog-friendly hiking trails worldwide (
everything from easy one-hour walks to fantastic overnight trips

Hike with your dog – Your Dog’s Favorite Hikes In… (
Find a new tail-friendly trail every day at the hikewithyourdog blog

National, State and AMC Rules for Hiking with dogs  (Appalachian Mountain Club)
Federal and state agencies have rules for hiking with dogs in backcountry areas

Hiking With Dogs: The 10 Essentials (Appalachian Mountain Club)
video outlining ten items that every dog owner shouldn’t forget before heading out on the trails

Gear for Hiking with a Dog (American Hiking Society)
special kinds of gear you’ll need for hiking with a dog


Have a tip, favorite hike, or gear recommendation to share?

Post it in the comments below.


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