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Did you know that 2018 is the Year of the Dog on the Chinese calendar?

Let’s celebrate by making this the best year yet for our dogs by doing and sharing more with them… because as you know, EVERYTHING is better with a dog.

Something I’ve committed to is a weekly “date” with my dogs. It can be anything — a long walk, a hike, a ride in the car with the windows down, a trip to the pet supply shop, making homemade treats, etc. Even something as simple as spending a night in while specifically paying attention to them. They love it, and we all benefit from the time together.

Today was beautiful out so we took a +/- 4mi walk to Decatur Square and back. They wanted to tell you about it themselves so they made you some videos.

Photo of Jodi, Sam and Jasper in the VW by Kathy Wolfe


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