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Live Love Dogs pack leader Jodi Hersh is currently the featured guest on the IRC Wealth podcast talking about launching Live Love Dogs as both a passion project and an additional, scalable revenue stream.

Creating additional income streams as a solopreneur with Jodi Hersh

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Reinvention can take place with your existing business

“As a solopreneur, my business is not going to be sold at the end of the run. So I need to build wealth and plan my exit strategy knowing there won’t be a big windfall at the end. …I’m not really scalable without changing my business model. I can only trade so much time for money. I can push my prices up, I can use value-based pricing and all those things but there are limits. I also don’t want to work that many hours anymore and I don’t want to grow in terms of size of my team.”

Life is good, but EVERYTHING is better with a dog

“My idea is to create another income stream by combining my current skill set and my personal interests. If anyone’s listened to the IRC Wealthcast and heard a bark, they know we have dogs here. I love dogs and I love design so by merging those two passions I created Live Love Dogs®,“Pawsitively fetching sWAG for dog-loving humans and their furry friends.


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