I kissed a dog and I liked it

To kiss or not to kiss your furry companion: It’s a hot topic. Critics near and far are weighing in on both why you should and why you should not smooch your pooch.

She loves me

On one side of the debate, recent study’s show, a simple kiss from our furry friends can change our biochemistry for the better. Owners who smooched their pooch have been shown to have high levels of oxytocin — a pain-relieving molecule known as the “hug hormone” that can decrease stress and lower blood pressure too. Suggesting there is a real chemistry between dogs and their owners.

She loves me not

Caesar Milan and Dr. Oz both warn against sharing licks on the nose, cheeks or mouth with your canine companion. Suggesting that we may be exposing ourselves to dangerous germs and bacteria that can lead to gum disease.

We happen to think doggie kisses are adorable… at Live Love Dogs we are pro licks!

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