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Recording the extraordinary tales of everyday dogs and their humans

Inspired by NPR’s StoryCorps, we are recording the extraordinary tales of everyday dogs and their humans. We celebrate all that our dogs add to our lives, building community and connections between people, and aim to remind ourselves of the things dogs teach us that matter most.

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It’s stories like yours that help us inspire others to do and share more with their dogs, while also building community and connections celebrating all that our dogs add to our lives. The greater our reach, the more we are able to contribute to canine rescue.


Run free. Play hard.

Jodi, Pack Leader
Jasper, Chief Happiness Officer
Sam, Puppy Relations

Our Mission

Live. Love. Dogs.

We believe life is pretty great, and even greater shared with a dog. We share our hearts, our food, our beds, our time, our homes…They share unconditional love, loyalty, sloppy wet kisses and unbridled joy every time they see us, even if we only went to the mailbox. We feed them, bathe and brush them, walk them, rub their bellies, scratch their ears…some of us even cook for them. In our homes, dog hair is not only an accessory, but often a condiment. We love dogs. Dogs eat our socks, steal our underwear, chew the furniture and decorate the house with fluffy stuffing. They share never ending shedding, love slobbers and an inexplicable ability to brighten each and every day. Dogs remind us to take a break, go for a walk, smell the roses, jump for joy, learn new tricks, share our toys, and sit quietly and listen… We love dogs. They teach us to love life, be in the moment, play more, be yourself, enjoy the ride, feel the wind in your face, be nice and greet others with a smile. So take a page from your pooch and be yourself, sit in the sun, take a nap, go for a walk, a hike a swim, love the ones you’re with, drink lots of water and enjoy this one crazy ride called life… and by all means, do it with your best furry friend by your side. Because EVERYTHING is better with a dog.

Run Free. Play Hard.

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